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I cringe now when I think back on my pre-coffee scale days. I had dropped a chunk of change on a programmable drip machine and burr coffee grinder, yet I was still haphazardly scooping spoonfuls of coffee grounds into the filter basket, not weighing anything. Talk about sabotaging myself! My morning brew was often murky, bitter, and downright unpleasant.

Little did I know that the real culprit was my haphazard measuring method. See, nailing the precise coffee-to-water ratio is everything when it comes to balanced extraction and flavor. And eyeballing volumes simply isn’t accurate enough since bean density varies hugely.

Finally, I got a basic digital scale, and I couldn’t believe the difference!

Weighing the water and weighing the grounds made my coffee taste unbelievably cleaner and sweeter almost overnight. I kicked myself for not investing in this simple $20 tool years ago! It revealed that perfectly extracted coffee had been within my grasp all along.

Do you need a new coffee scale? You’d better stick around!

Is Buying a Coffee Scale Worth it?

Listen. If you want to brew a great-tasting cup of coffee consistently every time, you should use a coffee scale – it’s as simple as that.

Having the correct measurement of coffee and water is essential. Brewing coffee consistently is a science. It’s entirely possible to change your coffee’s flavor depending on the ratio you choose to use, and sometimes not in a pleasant way.

Some types of coffee taste their best with the standard 1:15 brewing ratio. In contrast, other coffee beans call for a slight variation in the ratio. This can only be achieved by testing and, of course, using a coffee scale to measure and record different brewing variables accurately along the way.

8 The Best Digital Scales for Coffee 2024

Below, we have handpicked eight of the best digital coffee scales we tested for this current year. All of these perform exceptionally well, and they tick all the boxes for a precision coffee scale.

Also, we have made sure that we included scales for all budgets; we know when you’re first starting out, getting the essential coffee gear can become expensive fast.

So, if you’re looking for a simple scale that gets the job done or if you prefer a device that comes loaded with functions and features, we’ve got you covered.

Brewista Smart Scale II

Brewista Smart Scale II


I won’t mince words: the Brewista Smart Scale is just plain fantastic. It’s like the scale was designed specifically with passionate coffee nerds like me in mind!

Everything about the Brewista seems tailored for simplifying even the most complex coffee brewing methods and taking your precision to the next level. And with six specialized automatic brewing modes to select from, you’ve got ample settings to geeking out.

The Brewista Smart scale has been designed from the ground up with true coffee connoisseurs in mind. Everything about this scale has been added to make your life that little bit easier, and with six different user modes, you’re covered for virtually all types of brew styles from the French Press all the way to the Aeropress.

If you’re old school and prefer not to use the built-in brew modes and use the Brewista as a standard scale, select “mode 1” and use the scale without the automatic timer or automatic tare option.

If you’re a regular espresso drinker, Modes 2 to 5 will get you excited. Once you pick mode 2, for example, you then have a smart scale that will automatically tare when an espresso cup is placed on the rubber platform, and also, the timer begins straightway – great for mastering that perfect “pull.”

If you’re more of a Chemex or V60 kind of guy (or gal), hit mode 6, which comes preprogrammed for pour-over use. The Smart Scale II already knows the ordered steps for proper pour-over preparation.

Another notable feature of the Smart Scale is the durable silicone protective pad that protects the scale from accidental spills. The scale also has a weight compacity of 2000g with accuracy within – 0.1g.

Simply put, the Brewista Smart makes it impossible not to nail superb coffee each round. A gadget-lover’s paradise without sacrificing pure functionality!

What We Love

  • Six pre-defined modes for different brewing.
  • Accuracy up to .1g.
  • Customizable features include automatic tare, auto-off, and automatic timer.
  • Rechargeable, compact, and portable.

Take Note

  • Splash-proof only – avoid getting soaking wet.

Timemore Black Mirror

Timemore Black Mirror


Another scale that has made our list is the Timemore Black Mirror single-sensor scale.

With its minimalist mirrored finish, the Timemore Black Mirror scale reflects the clean aesthetics of the renowned Acaia models—at nearly half the cost. But don’t assume basic looks mean basic performance. This straightforward brewing scale has won a cult following among coffee nerds for good reason.

Timemore delivers everything needed for precision manual brewing in an intuitively designed package. Durable and perfectly sized for portafilters and drippers alike, it provides a substantial yet compact footprint.

The integrated timer and 0.1-gram sensitivity offer just the right data points to perfect extraction without information overload.

As a bonus, the Black Mirror looks fantastic on your countertop, adding some modern flair to your coffee station. The Timemore Black Mirror allows coffee geeks to dial in the ideal time and weight for great-tasting pour-overs and espresso, all without breaking the bank.

For half the cost of the competition, the Timemore Black Mirror is an excellent coffee scale worthy of any budding home barista.

Still on the fence? Make sure you read my complete Timemore Black Mirror review.

What We Love

  • Built-in timer.
  • The battery recharges via USB.
  • Beautiful, sleek, modern design.
  • Perfect compact size.

Take Note

  • The digital display could react a bit faster to touch, it has slight lag/dealy.

Hario Drip Professional Coffee Scale

Hario Drip Professional Coffee Scale


When it comes to pour-over coffee brewing gear, few names command more respect than Japanese coffee pioneer Hario. So it’s no surprise their pared-down drip coffee scale performed exceptionally in testing. As expected from the creators of the renowned V60 brewer, the Hario nails the basics for exemplary manual brewing.

With an unfussy design focused purely on weight and time, this minimalist scale provides the key data points for precision extraction.

The easy-to-read display delivers 0.1-gram sensitivity for dialing in optimal coffee ratios, while the integrated timer ensures hitting bloom stages and pouring pacing. Simply input your variables, and the Hario allows you to replicate that perfect cup every time.

Despite the streamlined features, the Hario feels pleasingly sturdy and well-constructed. The responsive buttons make navigating seamless, and I appreciate small touches like auto shutoff that prolong battery life.

It’s worth mentioning that the Hario is not waterproof. Sure, it can handle a splash of coffee or a few drips from a portafilter but don’t expect it to hold up to a split coffee cup or an accidental drop in the kitchen sink wash basin.

I noticed that if you add your beans too quickly, the scale often lags. This slow response can be annoying at first, causing you to overshoot the amount of coffee you’re aiming for. But once you realize that you have to add your coffee in incremental amounts, it’s not an issue.

This isn’t a problem just affecting the Hario scale. Many of the best coffee scales suffer from this slow, delayed response; it’s a trade-off for more accuracy rather than speed.

When excellence in the cup takes priority over flashy extras, the Hario Drip Scale delivers the functionality and durability expected from specialty coffee’s gold standard name.

What We Love

  • A primary built-in timer.
  • Simple, no-fuss minimalist design.
  • Extremely precise and accurate.

Take Note

  • Splash-proof, not waterproof.
  • Sometimes, it has a slow response.

Acaia Pearl Minimalist Coffee Scale

Acaia Pearl Minimalist Coffee Scale


The Acaia Peral is highly regarded among enthusiasts worldwide as the crème de crème of coffee scales. It comes with a whole host of functions and features, and even a Bluetooth-connected coffee app, all of which will take your coffee brewing to the next level – and let’s not forget it looks fantastic to boot!

The dedicated Acaia app lets you seamlessly connect your scale to record and share essential brewing data, such as the coffee beans and water weight. It can even aid in calculating the best ratios – pretty neat if you ask me.

If you’re looking for coffee brew recipes, it has you covered in that department, too! In addition to the app’s awesomeness, this coffee scale is really hyper-accurate – like, really accurate.

It measures to within a tenth of a gram, which is insane. It’s so precise that the scale is sensitive even to weight changes resulting from evaporation. If you want to dial in your espresso shots, this clear-cut accuracy will put a smile on your face.

The Acaia Pearl is fast. There is no delay or lag, and the 20ms response time fills the screen with near-instant readings.

Looking at the design, the unit only has two functioning buttons, which are both touch sensor activated, rather than the typical push buttons found on other scales. This makes the scale easy to wipe clean, but accidentally hitting one of the sensors mid-brew can quickly happen if you’re not careful.

In my opinion, the digital display screen is relatively small, but I think the idea is to look at the synced app on your cellphone rather than the tiny screen on the scale. If you don’t mind spending a small fortune for a super accurate scale, the Acaia Pearl is an outstanding option.

What We Love

  • It seamlessly pairs with an app to record data and to aid in brewing with your coffee maker.
  • Accurate (10th of a gram) and fast readings (20ms).
  • The rechargeable battery lasts 20-30 hrs.
  • Monitors the weight, time, and flow rates as you brew coffee.

Take Note

  • It’s more expensive than other scales.
  • Touch-sensitive buttons can be pressed accidentally.

Weightman Espresso Scale

Weightman Espresso Scale


A tiny little coffee scale called the Weightman has been creating quite a stir among those in the know in specialty coffee circles.

Now, I’ll be upfront that the surface area is a little small for pour-over brewing. However, for dialing in espresso? This scale is a godsend. The slim profile means it fits perfectly on the drip tray of my Gaggia Classic without getting in the way. And when I want to bring it along on trips, the plastic cover protects it from the chaos inside my suitcase.

What really sets the Weightman apart is the built-in timer – a rarity among portable coffee scales in this price range. As I pull a shot, I can watch the seconds tick by on the backlit display right next to the weight readings. That way, I can keep an eye on both yield and time simultaneously. It makes dialing in so much easier.

In daily use, I find the scale reacts quickly and accurately. I do have to stop the shot a little before I hit my target yield. But the fact that I consistently have to account for a 1-2 gram offset shows how consistent and sensitive it is.

Beyond espresso, the Weightman also works great for other manual brew methods in a pinch. Last month, the Acaia scale I usually use for pour over broke right before a trip. Rather than panic, I packed up the Weightman instead. Was it as accurate as the Acaia? No. But it got the job done beautifully.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable, portable coffee scale with a built-in timer, I highly recommend the Weightman. No, the plastic casing doesn’t scream luxury.

But for under $20, it delivers performance and functionality way above its price tag. It’s an absolute bargain for espresso geeks like me!

What We Love

  • Great price at under $20
  • Fits neatly onto espresso machine drip trays
  • The built-in timer is extremely useful
  • Easy-to-read backlit display
  • It comes with a protective plastic cover for travel

Take Note

  • The surface area is small for pour-over brewing
  • Plastic casing feels a bit cheap
  • Have to stop shots early to account for 1-2 gram offset

Coffee Gator Budget Digital Scale With Timer

Coffee Gator Budget Digital Scale With Timer


If you don’t want to jump all in on one of the pricey scales listed above and you’re looking for something a bit more budget-friendly, I highly recommend looking at the Coffee Gator Digital Scale.

It’s among one of the best cheap coffee scales we found, and it performs just as well as the pricier coffee scales listed above. Even though it’s a budget coffee scale, it still comes with the essential functions needed, such as a built-in timer and the all-important tare button.

You can also easily switch between ounces and grams with a push of a button – it’s nice to have the option to use imperial or metric units. And all of the information is clearly displayed on a large bright green LCD screen.

Another nice feature of the Coffee Gator is the ability to switch over to milliliters (ml). So, you can weigh your whole coffee bean in grams and then set up your Hario V60 – for example, hit tare and then select milliliters, so you know exactly how much water to pour without having to do any on-the-fly conversions mid-brew.

The rubber mat is a neat addition. It aids in keeping a slippery glass carafe in place and stops any unwanted coffee from splashing onto the body of the scale.

Talking about accuracy – the Gator is precise from 0.003 ounces to 6.6 pounds. The Coffee Gator Scale is the perfect option for anyone starting their homebrewing journey.

What We Love

  • Affordable, budget-friendly scale.
  • Durable and well-made for the price.
  • Varied gram of coffee units: Ounces (oz), pounds (Lb.), grams (g), gram milliliters (g/ml), milliliters (ml).
  • The screen is well-lit and easy to read.

Take Note

  • Slight lag and slowness when weighing small amounts.

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale


Yes, this is the cheapest coffee scale on our list, even cheaper than the above Gator Scale. But don’t let the budget price fool you; the Ozeri still packs a punch in the features department, and it can stand on its own against other premium coffee scales.

The Ozeri lets you weigh in pounds, kilograms, grams, and ounces, so you’re covered for weighing your coffee beans and water. As you would expect to find on any scale, the Ozeri Touch features a tare button controlled by only running your finger over the tempered glass surface. The only thing missing from the Ozeri is a timer – but hey, you really can’t complain at this price point!

It’s worth noting that the Ozeri Touch boasts four high-precision GFX sensors that provide you with precise measurements from 0.05 oz to 12 lbs. (1 gram to 5750 grams).

As far as we’re concerned, the Ozeri Touch Tally Pro Digital Kitchen Scale is an excellent option if you’re looking for style and practicality all in one, and since it’s roughly the same size as an iPad, it’s the perfect size for storing inside your kitchen drawer.

What We Love

  • Small, compact, and inexpensive.
  • Touch-sensitive buttons and tempered glass make cleaning the scale super-easy.
  • Very affordable entry-level scale with the right amount of features.

Take Note

  • It requires Lithium 3V batteries, which are more expensive than AAA batteries. Not a deal-breaker but something to keep in mind.

KitchenTour Digital Coffee Weighing Scale With Timer

KitchenTour Digital Coffee Weighing Scale With Timer


The final recommendation on our list is the KitchenTour Coffee Scale. If you’re wondering about the price, it probably slots somewhere between the Coffee Gator Scale and the Ozeri Touch, so it’s definitely still in the budget range.

The KitchenTour comes with a much sought-after built-in timer, a much-needed tare function, and a handy non-slip silicone pad.

What I like about the KitchenTour are the different weight options that will enable you to effortlessly switch from liquid to solid measurements with a push of a button.

Keeping on the subject of weight – the scale has a precise capacity from 0.3g – 3000g. I’ll admit I love the look of this scale – to me, it looks like something out of the Matrix movies!

What We Love

  • Great, modern futuristic looks!
  • Entry-level scale with basics like timer and tare functions.
  • Non-slip rubber feet and a silicone drip mat.

Take Note

  • We found the Tare button to be slightly hard to push and doesn’t always register.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Coffee Scale?

Accuracy: Forget about those bulky, oversized, old-school scales with a red needle on a dial that your grandma used to weigh out flour.

When it comes to precise coffee brewing, getting yourself an extremely accurate coffee scale is essential because you need to weigh your grounds for consistently good espresso shots and manual pour over brews. To maximize its usefulness, your scale should also have tenths of grams as its measurement unit.

Size: The best coffee scale has to be small and compact, with a size that should match your brew technique. This is especially crucial if you plan to use it for espresso machines, where you might want to place the carafe under the drip tray and pour-overs where you’ll want it to fit on the scale.

Features: Make sure the coffee scale has a tare button that resets the mass to zero. This is especially important because you will be placing various brewing devices and weighing coffee on the scale, and each time, you’ll need to start from zero before you begin to pour.

It’s also a good idea to choose a water-resistant scale or, at the very least, splash-proof. Even a highly skilled barista will accidentally drip or spill coffee onto the scale every now and then.

Can I Just Scoop My Ground Coffee?

Well, you could, but there’s no guarantee you’ll have the same tasting cup of coffee next time you reach for that scoop – again, you’re just guessing and “eyeballing” the correct quantity.

coffee to water and measuring much coffee

Using a scoop, or even a tablespoon, can be done in a pinch when you have no other option, but it will never be an accurate measurement like using a scale to measure the exact mass of both the coffee and the water.

Here’s why. 

Coffee beans from different regions and with varying roast profiles will produce beans with different densities. So, one batch with the same volume may have completely different masses and cannot be compared with volume. Weighing by weight and not by volume will ensure that you’ll use the same amount of coffee for each brew you make.

Simply put, a coffee scale is essential if you’re serious about making the best-tasting coffee you can at home.


As you can see, excellent coffee scales are out there for all budgets and needs—from the versatile Brewista to minimalist scales like the Hario for pour-over to ultra-precise ones like the Acaia Pearl.

While fancy features like apps and preprogrammed modes are nice to have, what matters most is accuracy. A good coffee scale allows you to nail the proper coffee-to-water ratio for balanced extraction, no matter your brew method. Without one, you’re just playing a guessing game.

I recommend trying out a few basic budget models first before investing in a pricey high-tech scale to get the feel of introducing a scale into your routine.

But for most coffee enthusiasts, using a scale is game-changing. Suddenly, your morning cup is vibrant, sweet, and rich instead of muddy and bitter.

So do yourself a flavor favor, set aside the scoops and spoons, pull out a scale, and unlock the true potential of your coffee. I guarantee you’ll be blown away by the impact a little weighing can make.



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